Kids and ATVs

Kids on Four WheelerAs we talk about outdoor activities, kids, and safety, we often discuss the dangers of the outdoors, the wilderness, rockfall, and weather.  While many of us are firm believers in preserving nature (and avoiding technology), I often note a significant overlap between the outdoor experience and such activities as snowmobiling, dirt biking, and four wheeling.  While these are more man made than environmental, and while there are negatives (noise and air pollution), these little devices can yield oodles of fun for a pack full of kids.

Safety and protection are some of the most important questions that arise when considering four wheelers, atvs, and motorcycles for anyone younger than 14 or 15 years old.  So what can you do to make riding safer?  For us, we stick to things like emergency kill switches, mandatory helmets, and a governor to maximize speed at a comfortable level.

For more information about ATVs and kid safety check out this article with one perspective on when it is appropriate for kids to ride: Safety and Kids on ATVs.