Safeharbor PA Climbing Presentation

I recently was asked to speak about the Safe Harbor Climbing Area at multiple Mid Atlantic climbing related events  including Hera Climb for Life and multiple REI stores across the region.  The latest presentation was at the Plymouth Meeting REI (Pennsylvania). I thought I’d add the Prezi here, for everyone’s use. . .    The presentation covers some of the history of the Safe Harbor climbing area, the development of the area, access issues, local hazards, route information, directions and more. Below the presentation are links to the referenced content.

Safe Harbor Climbers Coalition Website

Safe Harbor Climbers Coalition Facebook Group

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Directions to Safe Harbor:
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Safe Harbor Mini Guide by Eric Horst (This is a PDF)

Safe Harbor Access Open!

Safe Harbor, The New “New”.  Or Not.

It was quite the hullabaloo in November of 2011, when it became clear that the Safe Harbor Climbing area in south central Pennsylvania would become open to the public once again.  Largely due to the hard work and dedication of some local climbers, this once-popular east coast climbing destination (restricted for almost twenty years) was reopened for public access. .  .and not just public access, but CLIMBING access.  Yay!

This area is a great place for locals to come with their young kids.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the climbing is mostly slab and/or vertical, and the rock tends to be slow to dry out.   On the upside, it is located in central PA, less than 15 minutes from the Maryland border and only 25 minutes from our house.

The approach is only 15-20 (flat) minutes. Most of the approach is a wide-open stone trail (jogging stroller friendly, if you can believe it!).  The area at the base of the rock is flat and wide open.   The rock is south facing, so it is a perfect locale for a winter, fall, or cool spring day of climbing. . . not so much for mid day summer sun (scorching!).

If this sounds appealing, check out the guidebook, written by our own Eric Horst.  Want to get involved?  Join the Safe Harbor Facebook group. Parking is an issue, so be sure to follow the guidebook and/or check out the group for more information.  As always, donate to the Access Fund to help keep this and other climbing areas open.